Winter Solitude and a Growing Family

This time of year is always so hectic no matter how much I try to calm the chaos. I am happy to say that in four weeks in November our house got new siding and all new windows (except for the way to huge to replace picture window). Our kitchen is not completely finished, but is usable and a thousand times better than it was before. The bedroom is gutted…and that is about as far as we got. Our bed is now set up in the middle of the living room and the rest of the house is full of boxes from the bedroom. We have little paths that run through.

I am glad to finally start my winter solitude.

We are getting very close to finishing the bedroom remodel, the past few days I have been moving things back into the bedroom and unpacking boxes of clothes and other things I haven’t seen for months. I should be in there now…which is probably how I found time to blog.

The big news and most important reason, aside from the home remodel is…we are expecting our third child. I found out about the new baby around Thanksgiving. So now that I am happily out of my feeling sick and tired and cranky 1st trimester, things are finally starting to get done around here.

In the midst of the home remodel my studio and office area got added to the project. I have finally finished the drywall in the studio and uncovered all of my jewelry and supplies and now I am working on reorganizing everything. We moved a doorway that went from my studio to the bedroom and so now I have a whole new wall to work with. Although it is amazing how quickly I can fill up space in my studio. I guess that is another thing that I am avoiding.

We have two boys now, and we waited on the sex for the birth of both. I am almost tempted to find out, I am hoping for a girl, but of course a boy will be a blessing too. This pregnancy is kind of weird, since I am over 35, well not over so much as 35. There is so much emphasis on the over 35 mom and pregnancy that sometimes I feel a bit…overwhelmed. I went through all the over 35 testing and of course everything is fine, but still its like there is this strange line that has been crossed when you reach 35 that one is suddenly not young any more. I was fine with my age…until I got pregnant, and now I am suddenly in a whole new category of women. Some days I notice my gray hairs and get all freaked out and feel the need to make some major drastic change in my life. On other days I run and crawl around all day long with my kids and hardly notice that I am “pregnant and over 35”. Right now I am grateful that I am educated on the ups and downs of a hormonal pregnancy and know that of course there is nothing wrong with any of it.

I am looking forward to finishing the organization of my bedroom and studio. I have so many new ideas and designs that I am obsessing over and I really need to get to my work space to that if I need to shake off any crazy hormonal feelings of …whatever…I have the perfect outlet.

It looks like my quiet time is over, I have had enough of the crazed running and screaming coming from the kids. I am going to go grab a big bowl of fruit salad and watch a movie with them. We got the last copy of the Corpse Bride from the video store and we are all very excited to watch it.

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