Mother’s Day

A few minutes after Owain’s birth, I love those little lips!


It has been a week since I woke up in the hospital & saw my little dark blue Owain. It has been such a long emotional week with so many ups & downs. It still seems like a surreal dream, like I am floating through it all.

After Owain’s attempted procedure on Friday his stats were a bit off & they spent the day thinking it might have been his body reacting to the stress of the procedure. When we got to the hospital yesterday the room was filled with 2 ICU doctors, along with about 4 others including his nurse & respiratory nurse. Cardiac babies often times have a hard time with their bronchial tubes wanting to close. His bronchial tubes were having spasms and wanted to close so his oxygen levels were low & dropping even though his respirator was turned up to 100% oxygen. He just wasn’t absorbing oxygen. They were able to start him on a few new meds and he has been doing much better. He was also a bit anemic which is common for Heart babies and he was give a blood transfusion which helped resolve that really quickly.

One of the meds they started him on paralyzes his voluntary muscles so that he is not a wiggly worm. He has always been very responsive when I touch him & through his groggy sleep he would try to open his eyes to see what was going on. He was becoming very alert & while it was exciting to see him so interactive, he really needs to be more sedated & not get too excited. So now they don’t want him moving & wiggling around so that his body can get rest & remain strong for his surgery on Tuesday. The hardest thing about yesterday was that when I touched his hand he could not grab on to my finger & squeeze it.

As of this morning, he had a really good night and has remained fairly stable. For a bit his oxygen levels were dropping, but they adjusted his meds and he is doing well. We are still scheduled for surgery for an unknown time on Tuesday.

Thanks so much for every supportive & loving word! Thank you to my friends who stop by my house to help out & who stop by the hospital to visit. Thank you for crying with me & for making me laugh. I love you all so much.

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