Owain is OK for now

Well his O2 levels are still low, but they did spend a bit more time in the lower 70s today at the hospital. They did an EKG and an Echo and everything looks good. His usual cardiologist is out this week & he saw another Dr, so I don’t really have any answers. She told me that they would get back to me early next week when they decide when they are going to perform the catheter procedure. The have to go in through an artery and check his heart out. It is possible that they are going to be doing this in the next few weeks, but hopefully closer to the end of August. How his heart looks at that point will determine when he will have the Glenn procedure, which is the next open heart surgery. It could be as early as the day after they do the catheter procedure or a month so after that.

I kind of get the feeling that they are waiting until he gets to a certain size & weight before they schedule the next surgery. She didn’t say so exactly, she just said that they are going to want him to be at least 6 kilos before they operate. He is around 5 1/2 maybe a bit less, I don’t remember now.

So for now I don’t have any answers, which is really frustrating, but it looks like this is the beginning of getting ready for his next surgery.

….and I KNOW I still have to get some more pictures posted for all of you! It’s on my list for tomorrow, I promise, does that make y’all feel better? lol 🙂

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