Owain is recovering slowly

Owain is still in the PICU. We were hoping that he would be out on the floor by now, but his lungs and a high fever have been keeping him here. His fever has been dropping most of this evening. He has some fluid both in his lungs and around his lungs, so his oxygen has been lower than everyone was hoping, but it is still higher than before his surgery. We spent today trying to figure out if they were going to have to add a drainage tube to clear the fluid from around his lungs, but as of now we are waiting to see how things go and we will find out tomorrow after a few more chest X-rays. It seems like he has a bit of a cold that is junking up his lungs.

He was soo cranky yesterday morning, but as gotten less cranky today. He was also really swollen yesterday, but it looks like most of the swelling has gone down and he looks great. He is pink and has lost that dusky gray blue tint that he has had for the past month, it is hard to believe that he just had open heart surgery, you would never even be able to tell by looking at him.

His issue tonight seems to be his blood pressure, it is going up and down and alarming at both the high and the low settings.

He slept for most of the day and started to eat much more tonight.

Already it looks like we will be here for at least another week or more. I was planning on at least a week, and was hoping everything would work out. We finally got a private room tonight, so I can spend the night in the room with him.

Thanks for all your prayers for Owee (((hugs))) to you all.

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