As I was…

As I was settling down last night, feeling like I accomplished a lot, and the baby was trying to wiggle its way under my ribs, I suddenly realized that while I packed my bags for myself for the hospital, not only did I forget to grab some clothes to pack for the baby, I have not yet pulled out clothes for him/her to wear when they get home.

…mowing the lawn at 7am this morning, I realized that even at 7am it is still way to hot and humid to be out mowing the lawn in the South while 38 weeks pregnant, but I couldn’t stop myself from finishing.

…standing in the shower this morning, thinking that something was not quite right and wondering what on earth it could be, I realized that I need to turn the water on in order to actually take a shower.

…looking down, contemplating the fact that just because I can see my feet, I realized that does not mean that I can actually reach them to paint my toenails.

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