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Easy No-Cook Baby Food: Bananas or Avocados with Yogurt

Making your own baby food at home is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to feed your baby. Bananas and Avocados are two easy No-Cook foods and are a great place to start if you have never made baby food before. These two foods really are the simplest baby food that I can think of to make. There is practically no preparation involved and can be made on demand any time of the day, anywhere you go. The best thing about it, is that there is no cooking involved at all.

Neither bananas nor avocados freeze well, so these foods are best made to order.

You Will Need:

  • Bananas, Or
  • Avocados
  • Rice Cereal
  • Oatmeal (optional)
  • Yogurt (optional)


When your baby is around 5-6 months, Bananas are a great first food to give along with rice cereal. You really only need to start out with a slice or two of bananas. Simply mash the bananas in a small bowl using a fork or the back of a spoon.

The first time you try to give your baby bananas, mix it with a little bit of breast milk or formula and a small amount of rice cereal. It should be more of a thinner consistency than a thick one at first. As baby gets used to eating solids you can make it thicker. Around 7-9 months, you can add oatmeal instead of rice cereal.


Avocados are a great source of a good and Heart Healthy fat called monounsaturated fat. After you remove the peel and the pit, avocados can simply be smashed with a fork, mixed with a bit of breast milk or formula and served to your baby. Avocados can be offered to your baby around 6 months.

With Yogurt:

When your baby starts eating yogurt around 7-9 months old, you can mix in a tablespoon or two with either banana or avocado, or you can mix all three together along with some rice cereal or oatmeal.

As baby gets older and starts to eat chunkier food, you can dice up half of a banana or avocado and smash up the other half. Mix the diced pieces with the smashed portion to help your baby get used to eating chunky foods.

Eventually when they become older, self-feeders you will be able to simply cut large chunks and let your baby feed themselves.

Follow your baby’s lead, they may be ready to start solids by 4 ½ months, or they may not be ready until they are 7 months. Your baby will let you know when they are ready.

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