Good News is so Good, Some News is Not so Good Though

Yesterday was a good day. A long one, but still a good one.

First bit of good news is that my 8 year old Wing-Nut is finally done (for the moment anyways) getting all of his cavities filled! Poor little guy has huge teeth, packed into a tiny little mouth and has such a hard time getting everything when he brushes. He gets it from his mother. We went in thinking he was going to have to go in one more time, but it turns out that one spot they thought was a cavity was just a stain and now it is gone. Not sure how they confused a stain with a cavity, but either way no more fillings.

Second bit of good news is that my 2 year old had X-rays to look for the swallowed penny and it looks like the penny has moved on. I just spent the past week and a half searching diapers for the penny and it feel so good to finally be able to stop. It was kind of hard to do any extensive searching, especially while potty training. He only used his diaper about half of the time and decided to use the potty the other half. Since he is taking it upon himself to potty train, with no guidance from me, I found it hard to turn him down when he asked just because I was supposed to be looking for a penny.

Not so good news…We have been struggling with my 8 year old’s weight for almost a year. My kids have always been small and tiny and my oldest has always been the lightweight in the family. We have also been struggling with certain aspects of his behavior that has lead to an officially diagnosis of ADHD…which was one of the final situations that prompted us to finally Homeschool him. Last year we had him on a medication that caused him to loose a lot of weight rather quickly, so we switched him, but he has not managed to rebound and gain the weight back. Yesterday he had a weight check and has lost weight since May and while he is not loosing weight now, he has not gained any weight in about a month, despite being on Boost and getting lots of high calorie foods and “good” fat. He also saw a gastrointestinal specialist last month who ran tons of tests. Everything came back as negative or normal except for a genetic marker for Celiac disease. Before running any, more invasive tests, the specialist has decided to put him on an appetite stimulant to see if that will help him gain weight. So he is starting that today, and we will see if that will help him to gain any weight. He has been in the 0-2% for his weight for well over a year despite everything I have done to get him to gain weight. So if he gains weight with the stimulant, hopefully we wont have to do any invasive tests. So, I guess that it is bad news that he is not gaining weight, but it is good news that we have one more option before invasive tests…So wish us luck!

We went to our Mended Little Hearts meeting last night. As a new chapter we are working on getting volunteers trained to meet with families of new Heart babies as they come into the NICU or when the families first find out during pregnancy that they will be having a Heart baby. Last night we had a member of our parent organization Mended Hearts come in and give us a bit of advice and let us know what is available to us as a MLH chapter and as a MLH member. Turns out we have all sorts of resources available to us that include business cards and stationary. One member was showing off her membership card & mentioned that she just got it in the mail along with a Heart pin…it was then that I remembered getting a good sized envelope in the mail last week from Mended Little Hearts as I was running out the door for something. I also forgot all about it until last night, and forgot where I put it. I am guessing that it is one of those things where I wanted to make sure I didn’t loose it, so I put it some place safe. Not real smart on my part, at this particular time in my pregnancy. I have spend a good amount of time looking for it today, but it still hasn’t shown up. The search for this is going to lead to another moment of mass organizing, and probably in the end, moving furniture to clean under it…nesting at its most uncontrollable moment.

Overall, it has been a pretty good week, much better than last week, that is for sure. I woke up exhausted this morning from all of my running around, but so far that is the extent of my troubles, aside from being uncomfortable beyond all explainable words…but less than 11 days to go and I will be able to hold my new little Pea-Nut…and then it is on to a whole new list of complaints, but for now I am happy to say that things are Good this week.

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