Buy a Blizzard at Dairy Queen on 8/13/2009 to Support Children’s Miracle Network

After Owain ended up in the NICU, and after his surgery last year to start repairing his Heart, we were so grateful to the UVA Children’s Hospital for saving his life, we thought a great way for us to give back would be to direct our donations there. Until then when we would get a request from this organization or that group we would give what we could, but we never had one group we felt connected enough with to give a big contribution too. And when we see those red and yellow balloons, we also give a donation at the local stores that participate in the Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser because this money goes to UVA Children’s Hospital.

On Thursday August 13th, when you purchase a Blizzard from Dairy Queen, you will be helping the Children’s Miracle Network raise money to help your local hospital and the children who are admitted there. Not sure where your closest Miracle Network Hospital is? You can look up where the closest participating hosptial is by visiting the Children’s Miracle Network website.

Then, you can visit the Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day website to search for a DQ shop in your area that is participating in this years Miracle Treat Day. At least $1.00 for every Blizzard will benefit the Children’s Miracle Network and your local hospital. How awesome is it that by purchasing a DQ Blizzard you are actually helping to save lives of sick children?!? It is beyond words kind of awesome!

This week has been the hottest so far this summer, Miracle Treat Day at DQ is gonna be the perfect treat for these hot days! And since school starts next week (way too early if you ask me!) this will be a great way to justify going out for ice cream…ending Summer Vacation by helping out others and getting a tasty treat.

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