Ahoy me hearties! It’s talk like a pirate day.

Shiver me timbers today is the day we get to walk around talking like pirates, officially!
My kids love this day! They have pirate costumes and they dress up and sword fight while watching Pirates of the Caribbean. We are going to have a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon today and watch all the movies, how fun is that?!?

Need a quick lesson to understand the lingo, here are a few fun links to help get you started.

Talk Like A Pirate Day Web Site

Age of Pirates

If you don’t yet have a subscription to Pirates Magazine to day is the perfect do to get one Pirates Magazine Every one should have a subscription to Pirates Magazine!

This page is fun for the lads and lassies and is a great site for a fun Homeschool lesson! National Geographic Kids Pirate Page

Need to know more about pirates? Beacause really, you can never know enough about pirates! PiratesInfo.com

This is one of our favorite pages and it has a translator too, lots of fun here! Talk Like a Pirate Day

My only concern now is Why is the Rum Always Gone?

Aye, me hope you enjoy checkin’ out those websits and have a fun filled Talk Like a Pirate Day, shiver me timbers!

Fair Winds, Mateys!

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