Perpetually late

Sometimes I wonder if the receptionist at my kids Dr actually enters out appointments in 15 minutes later than she tells me. She would be smart if she did. It doesn’t matter where we go, or how hard I try I am always late.

There is always something that comes up.

One of the things that always comes up it’s the last minute diaper change, why do I bother getting the babies ready and changed before I head out the door? I know that just because I try to get ready early, change the diapers and get them dressed that does not mean that 30 seconds before I leave the house that my babies will be fresh and clean and ready to go. I should just wait until it is time to walk out the door to get them dressed. I can change and dress one baby, change and dress the other, pack up the van with all the various bags that I need to get through whatever it is I am subjecting myself too and come back to two stinky dirty babies. I should have learned by now, it happens several times a week.

It doesn’t matter how many times I ask my children, put on your shoes, we are leaving soon, the shoes will never be on when it is time to walk out the door.

Yesterday I managed to get everyone ready to head out the door and completely forgot that there was no car seat cover on She Nuts car seat. Well, that one was my fault.

Today we seem to be doing OK. On time. For the moment. Wing Nut is eating. Wee Nut is napping…which actually could be my down fall as he is a monster to get dressed when he is sleeping. She Nut just woke from her nap and after a quick dip in the sink, she should be ready to go. She has her 2 month check up today, so she has to be reasonably clean.

So off I go to try to break this never ending cycle of being perpetually late no matter how hard I try.

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