Cloth Diapering: A Fabulous New WAH Mama I Found

The other day I was complaining about the cost of cloth diaper wraps. I have a good stash of small diaper wraps that were given to us 8 years ago when my first son was born. I did buy a few as well, that I no longer have and remember only paying a few dollars for the covers, less than $5 each. OK, this was only 7-8 years ago, but since then the cost of diaper covers has more than doubled! I haven’t used cloth diapers on a regular basis in, well, about 7 years, and even then it wasn’t full time. I have jumped head on into cloth diapering my baby girl and she is so much happier because of it. And already we have saved a good chunk of money.

So a few weeks ago I started tracking down diaper wraps, browsing different sites and checking things out. I found some really nice All In One diapers, Pocket Diapers, Diaper Wraps and all sorts of different accessories. Like I said before, I did most of my cloth diapering 7-8 years ago, but there was not nearly so much to choose from and I never before saw a diaper that was $25 or more! Granted these are nice AIO diapers and would be perfect if I was just starting my family and knew that I would be using them for years and years to come. Even the diaper covers and the pocket diapers are between $12-$20 each. But where I am at now, this is my last baby and I just can’t see investing hundreds of dollars into these amazingly expensive diapers and diaper covers. I crunched all sorts of numbers and did not see how spending all that money could save me money. I have to be able to spend less on cloth diapers than I would spend on cases of diapers. By the time I was done crunching numbers, I was able to buy a few of the cheapest covers and pretty much break even. I am doing this for my little girl first, and to save money second.

We have been getting by with the diaper covers we have now, but she is starting to out grow a few of them and we only have a week or so before they don’t fit her anymore. I found this great forum called Diaper Swappers and started checking that site out. They have different sections for diapers like diaper trades, in search of, and a place to sell used diapers. There are some really great deals there, but they go quick. I spent days on that site looking for girlie diaper covers, in her size at my price. The deals were there, but I was never able to get to them before they sold.

Then it jumped out at me…a section titled WAHM Wares! I don’t know how I missed it for all those days, but I did, even though it was right there at the very top of the list for FSOT (which I believe is For Sale Or Trade). So I started looking and found this fablous WAH Mama who started out making diapers when she found out she was pregnant with her second, and has so much extra fabric that she started selling diapers. She had enough requests coming in from friends and family that she decided to start her own business. She is Ivy and her website is Fluffy Bums & Happy Mums. She went through the same things that I did, making the decision to cloth diaper, searching and not finding any good deals. So she made her own. Her website is fairly new, I think she went live with the website just over 2 weeks ago.

Her diaper covers start out at $5.00 each for the smallest size and go up in price according to extras added. That is brilliant! She calls it Design a Diaper Cover, you pick the size, if you want Touch Tape (which I found out after chatting with her is like velcro, but better) or Snaps. You also get to choose from a huge selection of patterns. One of my favorite features of her website is this neat online chat box. She is almost always online and is ready to answer questions. I had a few questions, What does the inside look like, What do the Hip Snaps look like…She had a link to a picture for me within seconds! Wow, awesome customer service…and I am guessing with a smile as well. Ivy was such a pleasure to work with. I was originally planning on getting only 2 covers, but after only chatting with her for a few minutes I was ready to buy 4. A bit out of my budget, but I couldn’t help myself, she was just so sweet! She is a mom, so she might have to run off for a few minutes to do what mothers do, but if her chat box says she is online, she will be back shortly.

If you are interested in All In Ones, Pockets, Fitteds, All In Twos or other diapers or accessories, she has that too! And I didn’t see anything on her website for over $17.00. Really. She has a line of Team Wear as well. She has a few college teams listed (um, football I think? sorry, lol) and a huge list of NFL Team fabric. Myself, I would like to see some Baseball teams listed, preferably some cute pink New York Yankee fabric for my little girl…I am pretty sure that when I am ready to order this, that she will be able to come up with the fabric for me, as her website states “if you don’t see your team just let me know and I can get it for you.” I am hoping that they make cute pink NY Yankee fabric so I can dress my little She Nut’s bottom in proper NY fashion. Anyways, back to what she does have, such as washable cloth wipes that she makes in two different sizes and a few other accessories that she doesn’t make…but are just as fun.

Like I said, I was going to order 2 cloth diaper covers, but after looking around and chatting with her for a few minutes, I ended up ordering 4 of them. I am so excited to get these. Not only are they are great deal, but she is a hard working Mama passing on the savings to other hard working Mamas. I got a message from her this morning that she is working on them today. When I get them I will let you all know what I think, I don’t think I am going to be disappointed though.

So are you Cloth Diapering? Do you have any tips or little tricks you use? I have a discussion going on in my community and I would love to hear your cloth diapering stories. What is your favorite thing about it? Your least favorite? Come on over and share your experience with Cloth Diapering on my community discussion here.

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