Little Nut Nut’s 3rd Birthday and a Birthday Blog Hop

Today is Jamie’s birthday over at From Memories to Books, Happy Birthday Jamie! Jamie works as an Independent Consultant for Heritage Makers, they turn digital work, such as blogs and photos into scrapbooks. I am loving it and can’t wait to get one for Wee Nut’s story! Jamie’s Blog Hop is that we are supposed to find our oldest birthday photo on our computer, post it and tell a story about it.

Well, turns out that I have already used my oldest birthday photos here, but confessing my status as a bad mother, it turns out that I never posted Little Nut Nut’s birthday pictures. She Nut was due on his 3rd birthday, and came 4 days early. So when we had his party a few days after I got home from the hospital, I never managed to get his birthday pictures edited and up here. I am not sure what is worse, forgetting to post his birthday or forgetting him here in this post.


Little Nut Nut has been waiting for a Wall-e Birthday cake since last winter!
He is just in awe of it!


This is the Leapster that I got at a yard sale for One Dollar!
You heard me correctly $1.00!
I got a few games for him too, they were .05 cents each!
Again, your heard me correctly, five cents each!


This is his sand and water table that I talked about getting him after he flooded the bathroom.
What is there not to love about sand and water?


And lastly, a some what good picture of me that doesn’t look terrible or completely nuts.
I just had to squeeze that in and show off newborn She Nut
(Baby belly fat censored!)


Even though it is 3 months late, Happy Birthday Little Nut Nut, I sure hope that I can manage not to give you a Middle Child Complex.

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