Thankful Thursday

This week has been a rough one at the Nut House. Four out of 5 of my little Nuts were sick on Tuesday, 2 of them that normally go to school, stayed home. Wee Nut had a runny nose all morning and seemed fine until he woke up from from his afternoon nap wheezing, with a croupy cough and turning blue…so off to the dr we went. We managed to get in at the very last moment and did not have to go to the ER…so Thankful for that!! On top of the cough, runny nose and wheezing, he has an ear infection, poor little guy. We were at the drs until after 6, everyone was tired, hungry and cranky, but they were little troopers waiting patiently to go home. No luck going home though, the prescriptions wouldn’t be ready until 7 at CVS and within a few minutes of leaving the dr office, I had 3 sleeping kids, so I drove around town while waiting, listening to the other 2 kids complain about EVERTHING under the sun. I thought I was going to loose my mind. After waiting in line outside the drive up window for 15 minutes, all the kids were awake, babies were screaming, brothers were fighting, Little Nut Nut was talking about everything random he could think of and my head was ready to explode. Finally, we get up to the window and they tell me that Wee Nut’s insurance card was declined. Really? Declined? Try again please, he has insurance. They tried everything, no go. Try again please, he has insurance. After another 25 minutes, the insurance goes through. Told you so.

We head home, it is after dinnertime, after bedtime, and we are all miserable. Very much so. We all stand in the kitchen, while I try to feed the baby, grab random foods out of the fridge, freezer and cupboards giving what ever I pull out to the first little hand that grabs it first, trying to fill up Owee so he can get his meds, he is on prednisolone, amoxicillin and albuterol, and needs to take his meds with food. Everyone eats, Owee gets his prednisolone and amoxicillin and goes into the playpen, and I get the other brothers in bed while still trying to feed the baby…she was not interested in being put down, she was hungry after all. In the few minutes it took me to get brothers in bed, Wee Nut was fast asleep in his playpen, so that gave me time to finish feeding the baby, get food for myself, finish getting the BBQ Turkey Meatballs I was making when Owee woke from his nap earlier, into the slow cooker and catch the end of the Yankee game. The drs always say, don’t wake them to give an albuterol treatment, wait for them to wake up.

Shortly after the game was over, I managed to fall asleep for a few minutes, only to be woken up by a very angry Wee Nut, who was once again wheezing very badly, turning blue and basically not being able to breath. So I go to pull my nebulizer out…and it is nowhere to be found. I am trying to hold Owee because if I put him down he starts screaming, getting bluer, while tearing the house apart looking for this thing that never gets put away. I always keep the nebulizer out where I can get to it quickly, on a bookshelf, on the back of the couch, on an end table…but it is never put away. I guess before She Nut was born, my pregnant mind, while nesting told me that I had to put it away.  Wee Nut has settled down and is happily crawling behind me playing with everything I pull out of the closets, intrigued by all these new things that he is not supposed to be playing with, while I am kicking myself in the butt for not finding the nebulizer before falling asleep.

Searching for the nebulizer was nothing compared to the wrestling match that followed as I tried to give him his albuterol. Considering he is only 17 months old and has a complex heart defect with only one ventricle, he is without a doubt the biggest and strongest baby of all of them.Without getting into the play by play of the ordeal, lets just say that he was very very mad at me and clawed at me so hard he left marks on my neck and arms. Poor guy. His dr has always said when they cry and scream, they are taking deep breaths and it helps the albuterol get deep into his lungs. I would have to say he got it as far into his lungs as possible.

When all was said and done and his tears were wiped clean, he threw himself at me and gave me the biggest whimpering hug and passed out. I just laid down on the couch with him and cuddled with him, listening to him breath for a few hours before putting him into his crib.

I am very very Thankful that ordeal is over and Owee is starting to get better.

Last night was a completely different kind of crazy, involving even less sleep than the night before. And I am Thankful that ordeal is over as well.

As always, I am Thankful for my happy, healthy, wild little beasties that run around my house all day long driving me crazy, I am Thankful that we have a roof over our heads and for our wonderfully supportive group of friends and family and all the ways they help us.

So what are you Thankful for today? It is so easy to join in and tell everyone.

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Not every one has a blog, so:

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Have fun!


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