Misery Loves Company

Our house is not all Sunshine and Roses. I bet you didn’t know that, but it’s true. Now it’s time to dispel all illusions that my family is an always jolly bunch of Nuts.

Little Nut Nut has the Get me Out of Here Misery.


E Nut has the Its Not my Birthday Misery.


Again, E Nut has the Its not my Birthday Misery.


Wee Nut has the Get me Out of This Thing Misery.


E Nut has the Get Him Away from Me Misery.


Yeah, look who’s Miserable Now?


Wing Nut has the I Don’t Want to Leave the Pumpkin Patch Misery.


Finally, Wing Nut has the Why Can’t I have More Toasted Marshmallows Misery.


Sorry no pictures of She Nut. I can tell you that right now, she has the Get Off that Stupid Computer and Feed ME Misery! Good thing Misery Loves Company, or my kids would be all alone in their suffering.

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