A Fun Little Homeschool Project

Part of today’s homeschool lesson was for 8 year old Wing Nut to combine three lessons into one project. It was Writing, History and Art. We started this part of the lesson learning about why people settle near rivers and how that affected cities like London at the same time as Jamestown was being settled in Virginia. The assignment continued to ask for a list of people, places and things he was grateful for. The assignment ended with an art project of turning his list of people, places and things that he was grateful for into a card to give to someone who takes care of you. Lucky me…I take care of him, so I got the card.

As this project had to be done in secret, he took off to hide in another room in the arts and crafts nook. It also got to the point where it was taking an ungodly amount of time to finish, but I pulled out my patience and waited. It was well worth the wait.


I love homeschooling!
I am now known as Agent Mom
And then the secret code says:
I love you with all my might!
Very cute, I am so impressed with the complexity of the secret code and the randomness of all the numbers.

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