The BlogFrog and My Community There

December 1, 2009

A few months ago I joined the BlogFrog. You may have noticed that there are pictures of some of my visitors towards the bottom of my left sidebar. All of those people are members of the BlogFrog community. If you want your picture to show there, all you have to do is sign up and fill in your profile information. You don’t even need a blog to join. Then when you visit other blogs that have the same BlogFrog widget on their site, you will show up there too. It is kind of like signing a guest book. Cool huh?

There are thousands of BlogFrog members and hundreds of communities to check out. I started a community of my own. I just added a link to take you to My Community under the BlogFrog visitors widget. You can click on that link to visit and join my community. I have discussions started that you can join in on, or you can start your own discussion. You can ask me questions about my blog or any of my posts, or you can ask general questions for anyone to participate it. Fun huh?

I don’t get paid if you sign up, this is not a referral program or anything like that. It is just for fun.

So follow the link to my community and join in the conversation. See you there!

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