Fun Friday Photos – Christmas Vacation

I wanted to get a good picture of the presents that I wrapped from different recycled materials, but I completely forgot. Santa brings presents in Santa paper, and there were presents under the tree from my parents, my brother. This year, I used a lot of recycled packing paper and decorated with crayons and tulle. I posted more ideas for saving money on wrapping paper in this post on my frugal living blog.


Christmas morning White Christmas in the south.

Christmas morning.


Christmas Morning waiting for presents

When I was a kid, we used to tear open the presents first thing in the morning.
Before we open presents at The Nut House I make the kids eat breakfast. They get to look at their stocking goodies & eat. My brother is holding down the fort while I get some caffeine in me.


Leapster and Legos for Christmas

Legos and Leap Frog Leapster video games of course.


Christmas Morning, Go Yankees!

Wee Nut is buckled into the highchair, happy to sit and snack while opening presents. Go Yankees!


Baby Girl Teething

She Nut is teething and always sucking on her thumb. She has one tooth that we can see cutting through.


First Baseball Bat

E Nut loves baseball and got his first bat from Grandpa.


Rapala We Fish for Wii. Go Yankees!

Wing Nut loves to fish with his dad and they have been playing this fun game.
It came with a cool little fishing pole attachment for Wii controller. Go Yankees!


First Tent for Kids. Go Yankees!

Little Nut Nut and Wee Nut will be sharing a room when the addition is done.
Little Nut Nut got a tent and Wee Nut got the connecting tunnel. Go Yankees!


Tunnel to go with tent for kids primary colors.

We tried to get several pictures of Wee Nut in his tunnel. He was moving much to fast and having way too much fun to try to stop him. This is one of my favorite pictures of him.


Bassinet, teething baby girl.

She Nut, fast asleep in her bassinet, all this fun is so exhausting. Of course she is sucking her thumb.


My Brother is a Survivor. CHD, Congenital Heart Defects

Little Nut Nut sporting his Saving Little Hearts “My brother is a Survivor” T-Shirt.


I'm a heart surgery survivor. CHD, Congenital Heart Defects

Wee Nut wearing his “I’m a Heart Surgery Survivor” T-Shirt. He was too busy watching Elmo to even look at the camera.


Baby girl, Christmas morning, exersaucer

She Nut got something special for Christmas…

 Can anyone guess what it is?


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