Follow up to Request of Proclaimation For Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week

Last night I was talking to Will about this, and realized that the General Assembly is meeting next week. For some reason, I was thinking the were meeting with the new Governor after the inauguration in a few weeks. Honestly, I never thought I would think about when the General Assembly would meet and rush to make sure that my elected officials had a request from me in their hands while sitting there. Every day I see another way that Congenital Heart Defects has changed my life, and everyday I am amazed at the things I do because of it.

The regular session convenes Wednesday, January 13, so I decided to send it to our Delegate and Senator as well as Governor Kaine by email instead of putting it in the mail. With any luck we will hear back from them in the next few weeks. I thought I would at least get an auto generated email response from them, but so far I haven’t even gotten that. I am going to have to talk myself out of checking my email every 10 minutes to see if they even take the time to write back to me. And since it is after 5 on a Friday, I am not expecting too much…but I still can’t stop myself from looking.

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