Not Me Monday

To start out the New Year, I decided that I would Not make any resolutions that I could Not keep. I did Not decide that I would start them last week as soon as E Nut went back to school. And I did Not make it through last week without getting anything done. And I am most definitely Not starting out another week without getting anything done. Nope, Not Me.I did Not in any way curl up on the couch first thing last week after getting E Nut off to school and hang out with my kids watching PBS all day. I did Not tell Wing Nut that he could have a few extra days off from homeschool because I was too tired to teach him. I did Not completely avoid house work for most of last week and wish that it was still Christmas vacation. Nope, I would Never do anything like that.

I did Not fall down my front stairs at the bottom of my hill last week, twist my ankle as I fell into a pot hole at the bottom of the stairs and fall into the middle of the road. I did Not swing She Nut’s car seat out in front of me so that she did not go tumbling off into some random direction and smash her head. She Nut’s car seat in front of me was Not the only thing that kept me from face planting it on the street. And I did Not lay in the middle of the road in 20 degree weather whimpering in pain while the rest of my children sat in the van oblivious to my suffering. I did Not hop to the van with She Nut and drive E Nut to school wondering if I broke my ankle. And I did Not do any of this because E Nut was late for school AGAIN. Nope, I am Not that clumsy, Not Me. And it is Not still sore today.

My Christmas tree is Not still up in the corner of my dinning room, and there are Not any other Christmas decorations up around the house either. I would never leave my tree up until the middle of January. Nope, Not Me. And I have Not thought about hanging Hearts from it and calling it a Valentines Day tree. I would Never think of doing anything like that.

Finally, I did Not spend the afternoon playing Wii Fit with my children yesterday. And I am Not sore from trying to keep up with my kids, Not at all. I also did Not ignore the pain in my ankle just to have fun with my children. Not Me, I would never put my children’s fun in front of my own suffering.

So what have you been Not doing lately? I would love to hear about it. And you can join in with everyone else who is Not doing things over at MckMama’s blog.

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