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I am Not as Strong as I appear. I enjoy weakness from time to time. We are a homeschooling, special needs family of 6. My 4th son has a Congenital Heart defect, and my oldest has ADHD. I am a survivor of Adultery and Domestic Abuse. I learned that you never really know someone until you are strong enough to stand up and walk away. I love and protect my children, with everything I have.

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TMI Tuesday

I am sitting in here working on Wing Nut’s homeschool lesson and Little Nut Nut is in the bathroom giving me a play by play of his experience of the potty. The size, the shape…he compares the shape to animals* lol and every last little drop in the pot. It is amazing that he can combine practicing his numbers with going potty, because he loudly counts as his poopy drops into the potty and then yells across the house to make sure that everyone has heard about his activity.

Funny, yes?!?

This addition of TMI Tuesday has been brought to you by the letters P and U and by the numbers 1-16.

* No animals have been harmed in the process of my son using the potty.

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