What do you mean it is only Tuesday?!? 7 Reasons why the Week Should be Over Already!

I can tell already it is going to be a long week. Oh Friday where are you? I am running out of steam already, still feeling motivated and ready to get things done, but I either need a do over or I need to jump straight to next week.

So far this week, as in just yesterday and today, my 5 kids have had, gone through or experienced:

7 Baths
6 Outfits of She Nuts that fit her last week are suddenly waaay too small
5 Major Meltdowns
4 pounds of chicken
3 Dentist appointments
2 Doctors appointments
1 Gallon of homemade almond milk

I have gone had, gone through or experienced:

7 times I cleaned up a very very wet bathroom
6 boxes of clothes looking for something that will fit She Nut
5 bite sized snickers…1 for each meltdown
4 pounds of chicken…we all eat together 🙂
3 dentist appointments that I sat in the waiting room for and for once my children were the angels in the room
2 big baby embraces after getting shots
1 major mother of a migraine

If I wasn’t so worried that I would pass out from exhaustion in the tub and drown, I would say Calgon, Take me Away! Instead, I am feeding the kids cereal for dinner and putting them to bed early.

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