How Owee is Doing, Update From The Hospital

Really, I am too tired to actually post anything, but respiratory will be here soon for his breathing treatments and I know that there is no chance of Owain or I sleeping through that. I am just aimlessly wandering around the internet waiting for them to come and can’t really find anything to hold my attention. So I will give a quick update of simple basics of what is going on.

First, his fever broke late last night, and has not returned, yay!

After getting x-rays yesterday, we have the proof that he has asthma, which is something I talked a bit about with his doctor and was going to talk more about that with her today. We were supposed to have She Nut’s 9 month check up today, but we are here instead. So his trouble breathing was pretty much because of asthma. His asthma could have been triggered by pollen, or the fact that he has both a viral and bacterial infection.

His c reactive protein level was up to 8, which means there is inflammation. Honestly, I don’t know where for sure, but I think it is in his lungs.

We know he had a really bad ear infection yesterday in one ear, and now has one in the other ear. This is probably one of the reasons that his white blood cells are up to 1700. His bands white blood cells were up to 20%. I guess the bands while blood cells are the ones who work really hard when there is a big infection to fight. While they are very likely high due to the ears being infected, it could be something else. I don’t know much about white blood cell levels, but after talking to the nurses today, I do know that his numbers are high enough to be concerned.

He has both a viral and bacterial infection, aside from the ear infections, we don’t know where else the infection is, maybe early pneumonia, but we really don’t know.

For now, we need to keep him here at least 48 hours from the time they did a blood draw, which was yesterday around 5pm.

His O2 sats are in the low 80’s with room air while awake, and 77-79 on room air while asleep. So he sleeps with the cannula and is on oxygen.

He is doing much better today, just well enough to let me know how miserable he is. I am really digging my new laptop and how wonderful it is for him to be able to watch Nick Jr shows in his bed when there is nothing but junk on TV. He is sick of this place and keeps telling the nurses bye-bye. He is ready for home and misses his brothers and baby sister, he keeps calling for them to come hang out with him.

There may be more that I am forgetting, but respiratory just left and I am unplugging for the night.

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