Another Birthday at The Nut House

A few weeks ago E Nut celebrated his 7th birthday. I never thought that a 7th birthday would be that big of a deal until my oldest turned 7 a few years ago. We always think of big birthdays being 1st, 5th, 10th, 13th and so on. But when my oldest was turning 7 I realized that it was a much more important age than I would have thought. My oldest was 6 years and 11 months old when Wee Nut was born and at the time the sudden maturity that he experienced was due to everything that was happening with Owee. He was so helpful, so understanding and so brave while helping us around the house and with his younger brothers and when visiting Owee in the hospital.

It turns out that while our family did go through lots of changes and some of them were forced on the kids when Owee was born, that 7 is a pretty important age.

I have noticed that E Nut has been changing quite a bit in the past few months. He has had a huge growth spurt and actually looked older when he woke up on his 7th birthday. He is loves playing with his younger brothers and sisters and will pick them up and cuddle with them and dance with them and “take care” of them. He runs to them when they are hurt or upset and is worried about how they are doing when they are sick. He has really started noticing what is going on around him besides what is happening in his own little world. He can now tell me exactly what he likes and what he would like to do and it is not based on what his big brother likes to do. He is turning into his own little person.

I think that 7 years old is among the biggest and most life changing birthdays along with all the other usual milestone birthdays.

Happy Birthday E Nut!!

Of course we love the New York Yankees, especially on our birthdays!!

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