My Online Christmas Shopping is Done!

I think I managed to get everything in at the last minute! There might be a few things that wont make it until after Christmas, but it would be on the 27th or 28th, so that doesn’t really count around here. And it just makes the Season of Giving last that much longer. Grammy and Grandpa Nut always send us money and we do the shopping for them. It works out great for everyone, they don’t have to try to figure out what to get and worry about getting duplicates or pack everything up and have to drive it across several states. The best part of it all is the middle of the night, Christmas Eve wrap fest with Grandpa Nut, and Uncle MJ tipping back a few drinks while Grammy Nut sleeps (or pretends to sleep *ahem). Every year I try to get everything wrapped before everyone gets here but it never happens. It is a tradition that I try unsuccessfully to break. We always have too much fun to really break the habit.

I spent the day cross referencing prices, sales and clearance prices at the Target, Walmart and LeapFrog websites and I am amazed at how significant of a price difference there is from site to site.

My favorite find of the day is the Zippity Learning System by LeapFrog.

It looks pretty cool and I remember seeing an ad for it awhile back. I plan on telling Wee Nut that it is Wii for little kids. He always wants to play Wii and especially Wii Fit, so I hope that this will give him his fix and he will leave me alone while I am doing Wii Fit.I am super excited about this and I hope it is everything I think it is.

Do you have any special finds this year that you are super excited about?

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