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The New Year is in full swing, my parents are gone and our house is quiet…well as quiet as a house full of kids can be. We are reluctantly getting back into our daily routine. Trying to get back into our routine anyways, after dinner tonight the kid tiptoed in to the living room, put a movie on and tuck in for movie night all lined up on the floor. As tempting and adorable as it was, I had to cut the movie short.

Homeschool lessons are actually going pretty well. We have gotten a late start both yesterday and today, but once the kids get settled in, they are fairly focused. I am kind of shocked and impressed. As we are managing to get their bedtime back on track, I had 3 big kids in bed by 8, a baby girl who was begging for her crib and a spoiled Heart Kid who insists on cuddling on the couch every night…and who I can’t manage to say no to. As I was feeling oh so proud of myself and settled in with Owee, Little Nut Nut was up and down the stairs several times, Wing Nut stumbled onto something when his reading timer went off and it was time for lights out. At some point Honey Nut decided that she didn’t want to be in bed any longer and pitched one last fit while I managed to get a couple of kids back into bed. Thankfully Honey Nut, passed out in the middle of the second round of the bedtime shuffle, everyone scurried back into bed and I ran downstairs in sleep time ninja mode and grabbed up Wee Nut for a second time and finally all is well, all are asleep and I am all alone in the dark save for the happy glow of my laptop and NCIS.

So here I am on Tuesday, trying to plan for my week and as I sit here alone for the for the first time in something like 2 weeks I feel like my 4 year old when he has nothing to do “this is so boorrring”. But now that I have a minute to sit down and really get to think about everything I have to do, I think I don’t really want to do anything. I really got used to a lazy Christmas break.

But I do have many things to do, so I guess I should try to get them in order so that I can actually get them done.

The first thing on my list is to finish up the living room closet. You might remember that last month I took the door off the closet. I am working on getting everything off the top shelf and using that space to store the Wii system. The babies have started getting into the Wii box that suddenly seems to be the most exciting thing in the room. Crazy that they couldn’t even reach the box a month ago, now they are super sneaky and find ways to pile toys on top of toys and pillow and get up to the box so they can swing the Wii remotes around. It is not like they are playing or anything, they just like to get the remotes, swing them around and jump around the living room. Silly babies.

Gotta finish cleaning the closet out, get it painted and build a few shelves in there for some movies and the closet will finally be done!

Little things I need to do are to get back on track with homeschool, go through all of my seeds to see what I have to plant and draw up a few designs for the garden and do a fold a bunch of laundry. Not too exciting.

Oh, wait, I still have to put away my Christmas decorations. I’m really trying to not have a Valentines day tree or an Easter tree this year, but the lights are so pretty.

I have a ton of things to do, and I could jump right in and tackle the New Year head first with all sorts of gusto, but I think I will Take On a few things this week and jump into it next week. The Chinese year of the Rabbit is coming up in a few weeks an I was reading that the year of the rabbit is one to sit back and take a breath, to create calm surroundings to be able to deal with the big issues when they arise. I am taking on that philosophy this year.

So what are you doing this week? Got any projects you are Taking On?

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4 Responses to Take it on Tuesday

  1. Hazel Nut on January 13, 2011 at 11:06 am

    I am still working on getting my Christmas decorations down!

    Good luck, hope you feel better!

  2. Doreen Lombardo on January 5, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    I’m recuperating. I’m bored to tears but I need to get better, so home I stay until I’m 100%.

    However, I do have plans. This weekend I’m hoping to feel up to taking down all the holidays decorations, cleaning up my office space and getting rid of a bunch of “junk” on the “junk pile.” Then I want to paint the living room. Those are my short-term goals.

  3. Hazel Nut on January 4, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Wow Tricia. I hope you can get feeling better soon and can get up and moving around. It seems like you have been down for a long time! And now you have pneumonia, I will be praying that this all ends for you this week.

  4. Tricia on January 4, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    I am hoping the dr lifts the restrictions this week so that I can do things again. Before next Tuesday, I must have my house in perfect order. My apartment complex does yearly inspections. Between now and then, we have eight doctor appointments scheduled. Aside from that, I am fighting pneumonia. Somehow I don’t think much will get done this week. 😉

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