Our Nightly Routine with CHD and Asthma

This is a vlog of what we do every night after we put the big kids and Honey Nut in bed…although since Honey Nut has been sick, she has been working her way into cuddle time. One thing that I forgot to mention about today’s visit is that we checked Owee’s O2 sats, and when he was at rest they were 78-80, but when he was busy playing and moving around they were in 58-60. Whoa!! I was shocked. I have stepped up his asthma treatments & am going to start giving him the Qvar inhaler twice a day, morning & before bed, instead of just before bed. We have to go back in a few weeks for Honey Nut’s shots since she was sick today and couldn’t get them. And I do need to clarify, I mention in the video that we are all sick, only 5 out of 7 of us are sick…but that sure is a lot. I have a feeling the last 2 will be sick before the weekend is over.

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