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It is obvious that I have had a hard time keeping up with not only remembering that I said that I wouldn’t drop the ball on this project again this year, but actually finding the time to work out. Now that none of us have strep or croup and our Mended Little Hearts CHD Awareness Week event is over I am struggling to get back into a routine with the kids, homeschool lessons, getting their Wii Fit time in for their PE class.

This past week was beautiful and the kids spent several hours outside for most of it. The nice weather was the perfect thing to hold over their heads to get caught up with their lessons and gain a little time to for myself.

Today was hectic, so I didn’t get any photos of this week’s workouts. On Thursday and Friday, I only managed to do Free Step while the babies were watching Toy Story 3. And yes, the watch it every single day. If Honey Nut even hears talk of TS 3 she runs up to the TV squealing with joy. She has a major crush on Woody.

Both days I did Free Step for over 20 minutes, I don’t remember exactly, but I got over 3000 steps both days! I have to find something around the house to raise up the Wii Fit board a couple of inches. I saw that Wii makes a riser for the board, but it is something like $20-30, and I don’t feel like spending money on it when I am sure I could come up with something.

On Saturday I worked out for close to 2 hours! It felt great.

That crazy Wii Fit Plus trainer lady totally kicked my butt yesterday! I doubled my normal routine and ended up doing several new workouts…most of which I came seriously close to hurting myself doing. But I was able to knock out a few more exercises that I have never done before. Then I went through and picked out different activities. I think I did mostly Strength Training and Balance.

I noticed how my balance was off from the last time I actually got to work out. I had a terrible time going the Balance activities yesterday. I need to work more on my balance, I got too many of those messages that remind me that I probably loose my balance when I am tired. Like I really need to be reminded that by the end of the day I am tripping over toys and running into furniture.

So if anyone is still with me and interested in keeping up with Get Fit With Wii Fit, let me know how you are doing.

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