10 Things Tuesday

You might remember last year I used to join the Magnolia Queen and her 10 Things Tuesdays. It was one of my favorite blog hops, mostly because I love making lists 😉 But it was also a quick and simple way to organize my week and by sharing it with everyone, it helped me to actually accomplish my list.

I talked to Ms Magnolia recently and she has decided that she will not be doing 10 Things Tuesday and has given me the go ahead to take over this fun list. Thank You Magnolia Queen!

10 Things is different for everyone! I like to use it to organize my week, but you can list 10 Things about ANYTHING! 10 Favorite Books. 10 Things that made you smile this week. 10 Places you want to visit. 10 Favorite Movies. 10 Photos. 10 People you want to meet. 10 Favorite foods. See…it can be anything you can think of! We just need to see 10 of them 🙂

Are Y’all ready?

Most of my list is exactly the same as it was 2 weeks ago, just before The Sick came back around to the babies. Sigh. I am feeling motivated this week and already things are getting done.

  1. Finish crocheting washcloths for the kitchen and bathroom
  2. Clean the dinning room & steam clean the floors.
  3. Still working on slaying the laundry monster, the kids are hard at work helping me.
  4. Finish putting together some wire shelves for the family game storage space.
  5. Freezer Cooking. Mostly ground turkey meatballs, I have 10 pounds that need to be cooked up today!
  6. Cut and Henna my hair…and now 4 of the kids need hair cuts too!
  7. Clean and organize the homeschool room.
  8. List more of my stored jewelry in my Etsy store. (link in menu at top of page 😉 )
  9. Wii Fit and now Just Dance 2 workouts!!
  10. Finish cleaning the kids rooms and steam clean the floors. Honey Nut’s room.

So there it is! My list of 10 Things that I am hoping to get done this week! As I get them done, I cross them off my list and anything that doesn’t get done this week, gets added to next weeks list. My goal is to have nothing left over from this week, but somehow it always happens.

What list of 10 Things do you have for me this week? Go make your quick list and post it to your blog, please mention this blog hop and The Nut House somewhere in your post. Then come back here and add a link to your blog post…not your blog homepage, to inlinkz here at the bottom of this post.

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