Dance Baby Dance!

We finally got the new Just Dance 2 last weekend. We’ve been having a great time playing Wii and the kids have been playing Wii Fit with me, but most of the active games that we have are 1 player. With Wii Fit, we have to take turns playing. I love the Mario Cart game since 4 of us can sit down and play at the same time, but then we are all sitting down and that defeats the purpose of the Wii.

Just Dance 2 is a 4 player game, which makes it ideal for us. Well, a truly ideal game would be one that would be for 7 players, but 4 is about as ideal as these video games are going to get for us. I have been playing with the 3 big kids and having the best time! It is an amazing work out, by the time we finish 2 songs we are all ready to stop for a water break to cool down. And I think that is awesome! Especially when the weather has been so rainy and nasty the way it has been for the past several days.

The kids ask for the song Call Me, by Blondie as the Air Guitar song. They could do it over and over, lol. I love how excited they get and how hard they all laugh as they rock out to Blondie!

Many of the songs are very girlie, which is also very funny to watch a bunch of little boys dance to girlie songs. But there are so great songs that are lead by male vocals and those are every bit as hilarious to dance to with the kids.

I have also been given the proof that I am a terrible dancer, and lack in true grace and rhythm. So, Do I Think I Can Dance? Um, heck no. I will not be dancing in public or on any hit television dance competitions. Not that I was planning on it, but if there was any question in any ones minds as to my ability to dance, know now that I can not. For realies.

But we are having so much fun that it doesn’t matter if I can actually dance or not. This game is a wicked crazy workout and gets everyone moving. Some of the dance moves are literally impossible for any of us to do, but the amount of laughter that we share totally makes up for it.

I haven’t had time to explore the extras or the options to see everything that is available to us, we just plugged in and played. I think that I saw that we can download songs from the internet. I wonder if they come with the dance movies?

If you don’t have Just Dance 2, you are missing out,  because this is one of the best games to add to family game night or your daily workout. Just go buy it! It is the bomb, yo!

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