Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday Y’all!

My kids were in rare form today. It was the type of day that I could not have predicted if I were a psychic.

My morning started while Wee Nut played quietly in his room, the big kids were in the class room making paper bag puppets and Little Nut Nut bounced happily between the room he shares with Owee and the class room.

While the 2 big kids made breakfast and emptied the dishwasher the younger 2 boys played and giggled in the living room with PBS and Honey Nut played up in her crib.

After breakfast Wing Nut and E Nut jumped into homeschool lessons with only a few short mumbles about wanting to watch a movie. They worked hard and focused on getting caught up from all our missed days due to The Sick.

We had a late lunch and the kids ate for 3 hours. They ate pb&j, pizza, string cheese, apples, celery, eggs with toast and glasses of milk. Wing Nut has been on Prednisone for 1 week to increase his appetite and I can’t remember if I have ever seen him eat that much at a time. He has been eating as much if not more than his younger brothers, and that rarely happens.

Of course since the kids ate so much and finished eating just before dinner time, we gave up dinner for popcorn and cheese. I don’t really know what prompted that combination, but everyone loved it.

I learned tonight that I am really good at tossing and catching popcorn in my mouth. The kids spent lots of time trying to catch popcorn in their mouths as well and all of it bouncing off of their eyes, teeth, nose and foreheads caused much giggling. I also learned that if I laugh hard enough, that popcorn might end up my nose.

I would have never guessed that with practically no prompting, my kids could make it through the day without any major disagreements with each other or me, only a few short moments of whining and complaining while accomplishing so much and both starting and ending the day with bouncy smiles.

I am still curious as to why they were all so agreeable today. With any luck this is the new attitude around the house 🙂

I am so very Thankful for the wonderful day I spent with my children. I am truly blessed.

So what are you Thankful for today?

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