Pretty Good OK for a Monday

You know it figures that we get the furnace dried out and lit and it was so nice overnight that we didn’t even need it last night. Today was beautiful, the windows were open and it filled my house with the damp muddy smell of spring. It think it is going to be a while before we need the heat again.

I got the hot water heater lit tonight and it looks like it is dry enough to stay lit. I thought about staying up and waiting for some hot water to take a shower, but I don’t think I can make it. It is going to feel so good to get a shower in the morning, if I am lucky I can get up before the kids and actually enjoy it.

Even though I knew there was no hot water again today, I kept standing in front of the kitchen sink waiting for the water to get hot. There was just not enough coffee today. It was a perfectly lovely day though to be forget full and sleepy. The kids were a bit cranky, but that was easily fixed with lazy cuddling. For the most part, I struggled to get anything done today. The nice weather both motivated me and made me lazy, lol.

We went to Lowes yesterday and spent some more of our tax return money on things for the addition and our kitchen/dining room remodel that we started over 5 years ago. And I got different types of soil to get my veggie seeds planted. I am almost ready to start planting, the space in the pantry will be set up for planting this week. The kids are so excited! We are trying out blueberries this year for the first time. I have officially given up on planting strawberries and apparently, I am the only one who has trouble growing them. Everyone that I talk to has wonderful luck with them. Not me. Maybe next year.

Now I am off to get some sleep so I can get a jump on my day tomorrow before the kids get up. I can’t wait to mix up some starter soil and get dirty with the kids!

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