Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday Y’all!

After last week’s storm, this beautiful week was just what we needed. Warm weather, open windows, a dry basement and hot water. We are so thankful for all of those things!

Tonight I managed to get the kids out the door after dinner for an evening walk, something that I haven’t done as a whole family in ages. Before Wee Nut was born, we used to go for walks several times a weeks, almost every night. We used to be a super active family, regulars at the YMCA the kids took classes 4-5 a week and I used to work out for a couple of hours after the kids classes and I was doing both cardio and weight training up until a few weeks before Owee was born. The only reason I stopped was because he was so huge and my round ligament caused me too much pain to even do the treadmill or elliptical. I thought that we would be back to working out 6 weeks after he was born, but living in the “chd bubble” the Y was a no go and we never got back into the habit of evening walks again.

It was so nice to walk around the neighborhood as a family again and I am Thankful for the time we had tonight.

Wee Nut & Honey Nut are getting sleepy.

Wee Nut & Honey Nut are getting sleepy.

Little Nut Nut thinks his big brothers are the coolest evah!

Little Nut Nut thinks his big brothers are the coolest evah!

As always, I am Thankful for my happy, healthy, wild little beasties that run around my house all day long driving me crazy, I am Thankful that we still have a roof over our heads and for our wonderfully supportive group of friends and family and all the ways they help us.

What are you Thankful for today?

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  1. OneMommy on April 22, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Oh for days you can walk outside! It has rained here pretty much all week, but we did manage to go outside yesterday. Glad you got to get out!

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