Mom Fail: Out of the Mouth of Mama

Monday nights are so hectic.. Not only are we recovering from typical Monday chaos, the big 2 kids have Cub Scouts on Mondays. I am always amazed at how two little days at the end of the week can change our daily routine and how difficult it is for the kids to start the week.

I try to get the younger 3 ready for bed and settled in for the night, or at least cozily tucked in on the couch with me for some serious cuddle time, while brothers are at scouts. Tonight was a complete failure as far as getting the kids settled, but a complete success on breaking in my new sewing machine.

I did know better than to start anything after dinner, but I couldn’t help myself and was determined to get at least one cloth napkin made tonight. I found a bin of random things that has been boxed up for years. I think this one came from the bedroom remodeled about 5 years ago. I think I was pregnant with Little Nut Nut at the time. I was running out of space for crafting and tossed a bunch of things I was not really using into a bin. I found some fantastic black linen that is perfect for cloth napkins, I am loving it!

So I got my machine ready, cut my fabric and made a napkin. That was the easy part. The difficult part was doing that while getting the kids ready for bed. I finished it up moments before the big 2 got home from scouts. Which also meant that all 5 kids were running around past bedtime and they were all cranky and not happy about going to bed.

But I accomplished my goal and finished up 1 napkin. I am super duper excited! You know your life is chaotic when the little things like this get you excited!

The bedtime shuffle was quite a circus tonight and the kids were in and out of their rooms doing everything except getting ready for bed. That included arguing with each other.

I knew I was done and had to walk away when Wing Nut and E Nut started with some serious bickering and were not listening to my request to stop. Feeling the need to say something, I said…

That’s enough, its bedtime and you guys need to stop arguing with each other and argue with me.

Total mom fail.

While I was trying to pretend I just didn’t say that, the kids who didn’t really know what to do stomped into their bedrooms and went to bed.


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