Backyard Makeover

When we started our addition 3 years ago, we had a fairly nice backyard. Nothing too special. We had a used swing set, a small garden space for veggies along with a few other small gardens and a nice green lawn. A couple of days before Owain was born we broke ground and had an excavator in our tiny backyard digging for the foundation. The yard turned into a torn up, muddy, hard clay mess. The kids loved the mounds of dirt and the pit the dirt came from, but I was not a fan of the red clay getting dragged through the house and staining their clothes. The laundry room had a thin layer of clay dust for months, not fun!

Last year we started a full backyard makeover on Mother’s Day weekend and worked on it on and off throughout the summer but never got it finished. Does that surprise you? I am not surprised. Last month during all the rain, we planted some grass and a few weeks ago we started cleaning up the yard and gardens again. I have a ton of seedlings that need a good home in the ground! I love spending Mother’s Day working outside and spending time with the family and we got so much done last weekend!

We are close to finishing it up for now,  getting the seeds in the ground needs to get done ASAP so we can have some tasty veggies this summer. We are not quite done yet, so I don’t have any current photos, but I do have photos of the mess that our yard was last year. Ack! It was one crazy mess!

This is where we moved our veggie garden to after we lost our other garden space.


That patch of dirt is where many trucks and piles of different building supplies sat.

Before the addition this garden was twice as long. We had to move it after the addition was done, the house blocked the sun.


Old swing set that saw better days.


Part of the yard that was used for storing building supplies for 2 years.

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2 Responses to Backyard Makeover

  1. Stephanie Hancock on September 2, 2011 at 9:31 am

    Thank you Lisa and Will for sharing your story! Ever since Westley joined scouts we fell in love with you guys! I’m just sorry that both of our individual family situations cause us all to not be able to spend as much time together as we should! Many blessings from the Fookaknocka Family (that’s our family word) to the Nut Family! 🙂 ♥♥♥

    • Hazel Nut on September 2, 2011 at 1:43 pm

      Love your family word Stephanie! We all have our little Familyisms 🙂

      I am so excited about scouts this year!

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