Photos from Owain’s Heart Cath

I was too tired to unpack my camera and upload the photos last night, but I manged to get to it today. I wish I would have gotten a few videos as well, he was such a funny little boy. It is interesting how easily he settles in soaks up everything around him.

They came to pick him up from the waiting room with a wagon. His favorite thing about the hospital, lol


Settled in and watching Dora. It was such a long wait!


Soaking up the attention and capturing Hearts of the cath team. What a brave little guy!


Hello Blackie Bear, did they give you versed too?


Full of giggles.


Recovering with some graham crackers.


I had no idea he could wink. And he can wink with the other eye too! lmbo


After hours of trying to keep his hands off the electrodes for the Holter Monitor, I had to tape them down.


And I had to tape the monitor up because he kept pulling the cord to the monitor off.


He wore the monitor attached to the back of his pants. He didn’t really have any issues with it aside from pulling it off. He carried it around and we called it his Power Pack. He thought it was pretty neat. I am curious what the results will be. He was pulling and tugging at it for a few hours in the morning, I think mostly out of curiosity. I took it off just before dinner tonight and got all the sticky goo cleaned off as best as I can. I have been changing out the dressing for the cath sites, but he can’t take a bath, so it was kind of annoying to try to get everything off of his chest. The site on his neck is healing up fairly well, the one on his groin is taking longer. There are actually several holes where Dr J put the cath into his groin. It is still bleeding a bit when I change the dressing.

He was happy to go to bed without the monitor and I am happy to go to bed as well.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers sent Owain’s way, it means so much to us to read the messages full of prayers and well wishes! We are truly blessed.

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2 Responses to Photos from Owain’s Heart Cath

  1. Hazel Nut on May 18, 2011 at 9:06 am

    Thanks Angela, he is much braver than I am 😉

  2. Angela (Toucan Scraps) on May 18, 2011 at 4:09 am

    such a brave little boy, and a brave mamma too!

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