Remembering The Day Owain Came Home For the First Time

May 29, 2008 was one of the best days of my life. After close to 4 weeks in the hospital, after being told over and over that he could go home, only to be kept another day, we brought Owain home.

Such a happy little guy! We are so blessed!


It was such a surreal feeling. I was starting to feel like they would never let him go. We packed him up and waited to be discharged. There were pages and pages of information to go over and several prescriptions getting filled, and we waited.


Finally on our way home!

Even better than the day he was born, May 29, 2008 is the day Owain took his spot in the van, ready to begin his journey home. Now an active part of our family, in our world outside the hospital. He over came hardships that I will never know in my life. He showed he is stronger than any of us and he was ready to start his life with his family. He wasn’t just a baby laying in a hospital bed, he was my little boy coming home.


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