Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday Y’all!

Yikes, I am Thankful this day is over! The day itself was a good one, a wicked busy one though and I am exhausted from it! We came so close to finishing up E Nut’s homeschool for the year, but he fizzled out at the end of the year end review and I figured it was best to hold of on his final exam until tomorrow. I am so ready to end this school year, we are crunching here at the end getting ready for vacation and Owain’s surgery. I think we can do it though, it is much harder with Wing Nut, as it always is, but we are focused and moving along.

The day ended up with two tired big brothers who were not happy to be around each other at all, followed by a slammed door and a hole in the wall. I am Thankful for my inability to do or say anything other than Get IN BED through clenched teeth and walk away. I am Thankful that the hole in the wall is in the kids bathroom upstairs and is still not finished, although if it was, there would have been a door stopper to keep the doorknob from going through the wall.

I am Thankful for central air conditioning! It has been a hot, hot week, this is crazy how hit it is in June. Oh how I miss Western New York summers!

I am Thankful for the AMAZING team of organizers we have to work on the Pulse Ox Bill in Virginia, I KNOW we are going to get this done.

What are you Thankful for today?

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