Monthly Archives: November 2011

Reasons Why I Homeschool: School Lockdowns

Yeah, Yeah, I know, I know, it doesn’t happen very often. But it does happen. Wait, it does happen often, it happens so much that we hardly think about it past the day it does. Today there is a school on lockdown right now. They just sent a message out to the parents via...

A Step Back

Looking back at this past summer, I remember the both the fear of Owain’s upcoming surgery and the excitement of our pre-surgery vacation to Hershey Park. I could do without the fear, but I sure could use a vacation from life right now.

A Post About Nothing. Or Is It?

Well it is a little bit about something. I haven’t figured that out yet. My blog is sad and lonely. And neglected. And my brain is mush. But I can’t stand not posting anything. Last week firefox crashed on me. It took me since then to find my dashboard so I can login. Now...

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