Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday Y’all!

Here we go again, bringing back the goodness that y’all have come to know and love…and I am hoping, miss.

I looked back through my blog, and can’t believe that I never even posted a simple Thankful Thursday post after Owain’s surgery. How did that happen? How did I just loose 6 months? How did I go from rejoicing over Owain’s successful Fontan procedure, to mourning over the loss of my Dad? 

How is it that I can even face another day?

For these things, I have created Thankful Thursday. For these things, I am struggling to find normalcy in my otherwise perfectly chaotic life. For these things I am forcing myself to bring back Thankful Thursday when I have been avoiding it all day.

I am not going to post a link up today, I can’t seem to get that motivated. You can count on it for next week, so you better be ready.

Today I am Thankful for many things…

For the amazing team of doctors, pediatric cardiologists, and his surgeons, who have been caring for his heart for the past 3 1/2 years, I am Thankful for everything they have done to give me my precious little boy.

For every moment I ever spent with my father, I am Thankful for all of the wonderful times and regretful for the not so good ones.

For my extended family who willingly took on my 5 children so I could spend the final weeks of my Dad’s life in the hospital with him, my Mom & my Brother, I am Thankful for a loving family.

I am Thankful for my 5 children who put up with me and do the best they can to try to understand what is going on around them.

And I am Thankful for all of you and your kind, encouraging, heartfelt words. Thank You.

While I am not doing a link up today, I would love to hear what you are Thankful For Today!

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One Response to Thankful Thursday

  1. sarah on January 15, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Though it is not a Thursday when I read your post, I am still thankful to a lot of things.

    1.For my parents, for bringing me up as best as they could.

    2. For my mom, who will be turning 77 this 20th. For inspiring us to continue a purpose driven life despie her age.

    3. For my kids, all 7 of them, all angels in their own right.Making my life colorful everyday.

    4.For my friends, at work and from school who continually inspire me with their stories volunatrily shared.

    5. For my boss, who understands why at times I can not go to work.

    6. For Autism, because it opened a lot of doors and opportunities for me and my kids.

    7. For Facebook, Blogger, Blogfrog and other social networks who are a great aid in keeping in touch with my relatives and sharing my stories.

    8. For the books I read, and will read in the future. Where I’ve learned so much since I watch a kid.

    9.For the wonderful shows,documentaries, movies that I have watched (especially with my kids) and the movies I plan on watching. Watching them had been a favorite bonding time, and hope it will stil be until they have all grwon up.

    10.For music and writing, fro singing and blogging, where I found a piece me that never left, now put to use, thus,finding my self again.

    11. Btw.there is one more. I am thankful for this space, for your stories, inspiring ,touching ones, that is why I come back for more.

    A blessed Monday to you and your kids.

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