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Easter is as sure a sign that warm weather is here as Halloween is a sign that the warm weather is gone. It is a wonderful holiday, surrounded by blooming flowers, budding trees, kids playing in the back yard and relaxing walks after dinner. By the time Easter rolls around, the days are noticeably longer and we can start enjoying time outside after a long winter. Easter egg hunts, trips to the bunny farm and garden centers all give us a feeling that life in America is starting to awaken from a sleepy hibernation. All around the grass is getting greener as families of squirrels run through the yard and the Robin sings and hops from tree branch to tree branch. Easter means that spring is here and and we can all open our windows and get some fresh air.

My kids love coloring eggs, waking up to look for their Easter baskets and running through the house and yard in a mad dash to find all the little plastic eggs full of surprises. And one of my favorite things about Easter is all the chocolate that can be found, it is a great excuse to have a chocolate egg for breakfast! It is one of those fun for the whole family kind of days that makes it so exciting.

There are dozens and dozens of great free coloring pages, craft pages and activity pages for the Easter holiday. There are more than enough to make several coloring books with and enough crafts and activity pages to keep my kids busy for a month before Easter. I will give you a few of our most used pages. Some of them have coloring, crafts and activities all in one place, while some are just coloring, crafts or activity pages, and some are links to pages and pages of all sorts of other links to more great coloring pages. There are just so many to choose from!

Print out several Easter coloring pages and make your children a fun coloring book and toss that in their Easter basket with a new pack of crayons. My kids loving doing this and don’t notice if I don’t put as much candy inside the basket. Such a fun activity first thing on Easter morning!

I hope you enjoy the list!

Free Easter Coloring Pages:

Free Easter Crafts and Activity Pages:

Free Easter Crafts Videos from YouTube





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