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I am Not as Strong as I appear. I enjoy weakness from time to time. We are a homeschooling, special needs family of 6. My 4th son has a Congenital Heart defect, and my oldest has ADHD. I am a survivor of Adultery and mental abuse. I learned that you never really know someone until you are strong enough to stand up and walk away. I love and protect my children, with everything I have. My life might seem unbelievable, but I couldn't make this shit up if I tried! Stick around & let's get to know each other.

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Up to 80% off at Totsy.com

OMG, I am in love with Totsy.com! I have to admit that some items claiming to be on sale are about the same as other stores, but there are some great deals on many things I would love to have. They have an awesome deal on cute little dresses & skirts for Honey Nut…who has no one to get hand-me-downs from. One of my favorite things about totsy is that they show the upcoming sales, it drives me crazy when I buy something online and 2 days later there is a better deal on something I would have rather bought. Sales last 48-72 hours and have a clock counting down how long the sale still has, and there is also a clock that counts down when new sales start.

Totsy offers amazing deals of up to 80% off retail prices! It looks like totsy is geared for pregnant mama, for school aged kids, and of course their moms 🙂

Offers from Totsy include a huge list of items that include kitchen gadgets, shoes, things for pregnant moms & baby gear, travel accessories, bathroom & bedroom, children’s clothing, toys, DVDs, electronics, and many things was can use for homeschool.

And I think it is pretty cool that they are 100% eco-friendly and when you make your first purchase through Totsy, they will plant one tree in the name of your child to help reduce the effects of deforestation.

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