Reasons Why I Homeschool – My Five Nuts – Four Boys and One Little Girl

From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I knew I was going to Homeschool my children. By the time my oldest children were school age, I wasn’t ready and sent them to Montessori School first, and then to public school. Making the choice to send my kids to public school was one that I thought was a good one at the time. Looking back I wish I would have done things differently. My 2 oldest Nuts went to public school for the first few years, and the younger 3 have never been to public school. We love being a homeschool family and learning together. These precious five children are the absolute most important reason we are a Home Educating Family.

Honey Nut is the Latest and Last Addition to the Family. She is our 5th Little Nut and our 1st and only Little Girl. She is 3 years old going on 13 and keeps up with her 4 big brothers. Together with Wee Nut, she is a force to be reckoned with. She has no trouble being heard around here and loves her big brothers as much as they love her.


Owain is my 4 year old, my Heart Kid & my Hero. His CHD is Double Inlet, Single Ventricle with Pulmonary Atresia, Malpositioned Great Arteries, and Ventricle Inversion. He has had 3 out of 3 Open Heart surgeries needed to “fix” his heart. The Heart is an amazing thing and I never know what to expect. Wee Nut and Honey Nut have become a pair of serious partners in crime. The two of them together can cause more trouble than the older three. They keep me on my toes! Owain is our Miracle Baby. Click his picture to read his Congenital Heart Defect Story from the very beginning.


Little Nut Nut is my 6 year old boy genius and totally freaks me out with the things he can do. He is his Big Brothers shadow and wants to do what ever they do. He doesn’t have any trouble letting everyone around here know what he thinks, has no inner voice and talks non-stop all day long. If he thinks it, he says it. He says things like “I love life” and “I am made of Awesome” and always makes me smile, even when I don’t want to.


E Nut is 9 and wicked crazy! He is my fearless child and spent much of his life thinking if he could just jump high enough he could fly. If I let him, he would play Wii all day long, that is IF I let him. He has no trouble waking up before 6am and made me a morning person when I never thought I would be. E Nut and Wing Nut are the Big Kids around here and while they fight like enemies, they love like brothers.


My Wing Nut, 11 years old, is my first born and is a Lego Fanatic. He talks in his sleep about “interesting number combinations” and insists that he is going to work for Lego when he grows up. From the moment he gets the current issue of Lego magazine in the mail, he anticipates the arrival of the next one. He has crazy mood swings, has been diagnosed with ADHD but I am not so sure that is correct. He is considered Failure to Thrive and I struggle everyday to get him to gain weight, he keeps getting taller, but hardly gains any weight. I think if we can figure out why he his Failure to Thrive, his ADHD will go away.

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