I Wish I Knew That: U.S. Presidents, Cool Stuff You Need To Know FREE on Kindle

I found this fun Kindle book getting ready for some new homeschool lessons for Presidents Day. Our Presidents Day lesson usually focuses on our early Presidents, but when the kids start asking me for information about other Presidents we get distracted and end up pulling out our Presidents cards, searching on the interwebs, and going through our bookshelf.

I am super excited this book is Free on Kindle this week! My kids know all the Presidents, thanks to Classical Conversations and are constantly asking me about the different Presidents and what they did. Honestly, I know very little about many of them. This book has fun facts about all of the Presidents, as well as interesting and important things that happened during the different terms, like the government branches, economics, war, and random things like bathtubs in the White House and weddings.

I have no idea how long I Wish I Knew That: US Presidents, Cool Stuff You Need to Know is going to be Free, so I wouldn’t wait to get it!

US Presidents Cool Stuffy You Need to Know


Here is a look at the fascinating profiles of each of the 44 presidents, including the names of their pets! Sidebars are filled with fun and unusual information about our leaders-such as who appears on stamps and money-and “At a Glance” boxes provide birth date, political party, and other vital information, including that:

Thomas Jefferson, our third president, spoke six languages, invented many things (the swivel chair and the pedometer, to name two), and designed and built not only Monticello (his rural home) but also the University of Virginia.

Theodore Roosevelt, was one of the nation’s great hunters, and the Smithsonian is filled with hundreds of specimens from his safari in Africa. He was also our first environmentalist president, setting aside nearly 200 million acres for national parks and wildlife refuges.

You’ll also find a section on “The First Ladies”-short takes on all the presidents’ wives. The book ends with a special feature that’s just in time for the 2012 election: how a president gets elected. From the first presidential election to recent recounts, this chapter clearly explains to a young audience how we choose the next leader of our country.

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