Homeschool Lapbooks for Science and US History

On Sale for $1 or less at Currclick

This Weather Express Lapbook is on sale at CurrClick for only $1.00! It is normally $8.00, this is such a great deal for an addition to a weather science lesson. This lapbook is good for all ages, this is awesome for our family, I can print this off for all 5 of my kids. The Littles are 3 and 4 years old, and while the complete concept for them might be lost, they love doing lessons with the Big Kids. One of the things I learned from Classical Conversations is that planting the seed at a young age helps to make the complete lesson easier when they are older.


Weather Lapbook Homeschool Science Lesson



Weather Expess (Quick) Lapbook 1.00 – A Journey Through Learning | Science Lapbooks | Express (Quick) Lapbooks 1.00 | CurrClick.

There are several other lapbooks on sale for $1.00 that I had to grab before the price went back up.

Astronomy Lapbook Homeschool Astronomy Lesson Bees Lapbook Homeschool Science Lesson California Gold Rush Lapbook Homeschool US History Lesson Turtles Lapbook Homeschool Science Lesson Great Depression Lapbook Homeschool History Economics Lesson Flowers Lapbook Homeschool Science Lesson Asteroid Belt Lapbook Homeschool Astronomy Lesson Asteroid Meteroid Comet Lapbook Homeschool Astronomy Lesson Earth Lapbook Homeschool Science Lesson Moon Phase Lapbook Astronomy Homeschool Lesson Sun Lapbook Homeschool Lesson

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