A Simple Grilled Cheese Dinner in the Waffle Iron That You Have to Try Tonight

With everything we have going on with lacrosse and music lessons, we need to stick with quick dinners. I wish I had a freezer full of dinners ready to toss in the crock-pot!

This week we are trying out grilled cheese in the waffle iron. Easy peasy and four sandwiches are done in less than 2 minutes. A family size steamer bag of broccoli takes 8 minutes to cook, I was able to make 12 grilled cheese in that time. Avery helped me get all the sandwiches ready, it took about a minute. I cover the iron in a little bit of olive oil spray & no butter is needed to brown them.

It’s a little messy, the cheese spills out of the sandwich and in some spots out of the side of the waffle iron. That happens a lot with my waffles as well! It was easy to clean up and won’t stop me from trying it again.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


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