Rodan + Fields Changed the Way I Look at My Life

I think I should talk about how I ended up with Rodan + Fields, why it became the part of my self-care routine that I didn’t know I was missing, and how it changed my life. For years I’ve just been a girl who takes care of everyone, and never takes care of me. I will put my life, and my happiness aside to keep others in my life happy, and taken care of, even if I get nothing out of it and have nothing left for me. One day that changed, and I wont ever put myself last again. The fact that something as simple has skin care changed my life blows my mind, but it did and it is the best feeling!

I’ve never been much into thinking about, or worrying about my skin. I always picked up whatever my lotion brand had out there for sensitive skin, or aging, or whatever was on sale. The thing is, none of it really did anything special. I never saw any major, or even minor changes. I never looked at myself in the mirror and thought WOW I feel really good about this, I can’t wait to use it again. There was never anything that made me stick with it. I always though it was too much trouble, that aging just happened, and I don’t have time to think or worry about it. Every morning I would look in the mirror, and grumble to myself about puffy, baggy eyes, frown upon my wrinkles that keep popping up, which of course made the wrinkles worse lol!

A few years ago I tried out the Multi Function Eye Cream, and the very first use completely changed my outlook on how I felt about skin care. I have to be honest though, I didn’t jump in and buy the complete regimen right way, and that is my biggest regret here! I was still worried about the cost and the time commitment. After a few months, I realized I was still using the same jar of eye cream and I suddenly realized that the investment that I thought was a bit expensive, was actually more affordable than what I kept trying to find over the counter! This stuff actually gave me results I could see day after day. So I called up my girl and had to get the Triple Defense Treatment to add to my day. Again, I still wasn’t sold on the time commitment. I don’t know why I thought it would be too much, but that is where my mind-set was. And again, I started seeing immediate results, but really I’m a slow learner, I didn’t go out and get the complete regimen. What I did was add the Overnight Restorative Cream. Wow, the 3 products together blew my mind. I was totally in love with everything I tried and it felt great.

Now here is the thing about all of this that I am kicking myself for, even after adding additional products and seeing the results, I STILL did not go out and get the full regimen. And I still wasn’t consistent with my usage. For real girls, when I ran out, I would grab what ever was left in my beauty bin and use it until I could remember to contact my girl and get more. I’d go for a few weeks and every morning I would look at myself in the mirror and grumble, and then eventually I would get more, and fall in love with it all over again.

So that went on for about a year and a half, and a few months ago I started thinking more and more about it. I would look in the mirror and think “I really need to commit to this”, then I started thinking “I really need to share this stuff with others”. When I think about things, I tend to spend a good long time thinking and figuring things out. One day it all clicked, I wanted it all, and I need to share it!

Here we are! I have fully committed to using the Rodan + Fields Redefine regimen every day. I use it when I am running late in the morning, and I want to just jump out of the shower, and run out the door. Then I PAUSE, and I take care of myself. I look myself in the mirror, and take a few extra minutes to love myself. I figure I am already running late, a few more minutes will not make or break my day, but as I am running out the door, I already feel better about my day, and about myself. I am starting my day loving myself, and feeling great about the way I look. At the end of the day, I am exhausted, like for real friends, as I single mom with a tribe full of kids, working full-time, I am wicked tired, and all I want to do is climb into bed and become one with my blankets. There are many nights I get into bed, and curse myself and my skin care regimen that I forgot to do, but I climb my cozy butt out of bed, and I go do my nighttime routine. I end my day looking in the mirror thanking myself for taking the time to take care of ME.

The cycle continues, but many more days and nights I am on time for work and excited to start my day with self-care, and end my day totally in love with my skin. I get up every morning and through blurry eyes, sipping on coffee, I notice smoother skin, with less wrinkles, smaller pores and a glow that I haven’t seen in years. Every morning I fall more in love with this stuff,and it has absolutely changed the way I look at myself in the mirror. It has changed the way I walk through my day, and take on life. It was a simple commitment that I had no idea was going to change my life. So simple.



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