School Shopping at the Nut House and Missing Homeschool Days

I started school shopping the other day, and realized that I have an entire hallway of school supplies. We still have our entire library from homeschooling, and much of the curriculum. We had to stop homeschooling 5 years ago, and I still miss the days when we all sat in the classroom together as a family. They spent 2 years in a small private school of only 50 kids while we reset our lives and transitioned from homeschooling to public school. While we were starting over we got sponsored several times, and the kids were given boxes of supplies to help out. We always ended up buying the big packs of folders to get all the colors needed and it is cheaper to buy a huge pack than to buy a few singles. Same for notebooks, and ended up with more paper, and notebooks than we use in a year. We moved 6 times in 2 years, and things got packed up and set aside. We have been settled into the same little Farm House for the past 2 years, and last spring I finally got our classroom set up again. it can’t compare to our old homeschool room, but it’s close!

When it was time to go school shopping this year, I realized that we have almost everything we need! I sent the kids to the family library with their list to grab what they can. Turns out we only need a few binders and we are good! Those are going to have to wait until next weekend, school starts tomorrow and we are moving on.






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