Ibotta is the Cash Back App That You Must Have

I just cashed out and bought another $25 Target gift card with my Ibotta rebates! It is so freaking simple. It’s cash back on items I buy that I never would have gotten back if it wasn’t for Ibotta! If you aren’t getting money back, you are throwing money away.

There are so many great things about Ibotta. Shopping for my Tribe means that we spend a lot of money on food, and one thing I love about Ibotta is that you can stack your coupons and store sales as well to get many grocery items for less than store brands, or for free or very close to it! There are also opportunities to shop online at places like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, UnderArmour, TicketMaster, or Amazon, and earn a percentage of your total receipt back. I had to buy a new computer and printer a few weeks ago, and my rebate from Best Buy was over $16. That is money that I was going to spend anyway, and with my rebate, I used it towards a gift card to Target that will help me at Christmas time. I went into Best Buy, and when it was time to check out I showed the cashier my Ibotta/Best Buy QR code that connected Ibotta to my purchase. A few days later $16.20 was credited to my account.

When you first sign up you get a $10 bonus after you redeem your first rebate. That is pretty much like getting money for free, and it’s totally worth it. There are dozens of stores you can cash out with, many of them are the same stores you use to earn cash back, so you are not stuck buying cards at places you will never use. My favorite is Target, but I have cashed out to PayPal for direct deposit, and bought Movie Tickets with a Regal Gift card. There are lots of great options to choose from!

When you connect with social media apps like Facebook, or help others sign up, they become part of your Team. Together you work together to earn Teamwork bonuses. You have the opportunity to share your referral code. When others sign up and earn their first $10, you will get a $5 bonus as well. What’s great is that there are different ways to either receive cash back rebates, or earn money with referral bonuses. I have 163 members on my Team, and about half of them are active. It only takes a few shopping trips to reach your first Teamwork bonus, and there are 4 to possibly earn every month.

Ibotta also offers product bonuses that change from month to month. An example is when you redeem two different item rebates like hot dogs and dog rolls, you can earn a bonus on top of your rebate. The savings add up and it is easy to earn enough to cash out every month.

I have tried other rebate apps, and while others are OK, Ibotta is the only app that consistently earns me cash back. You can sign up and use my Ibotta referral link to start earning and start saving on your next online or in store purchase.

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2 Responses to Ibotta is the Cash Back App That You Must Have

  1. lacurcio on December 30, 2018 at 6:15 pm

    I love stacking coupons, and store sales with Ibotta. It’s like a game where I try to get free food!

  2. Mommy is green on December 3, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    Any option to save money is welcome at home. Thanks for sharing!

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