Daily Nuttyness

The Holidays are Coming in Fast

Wow, it has been a crazy few weeks getting ready for the Holidays. Last week my two older kids were both pretty sick along with my husband. I was pretty lucky that the baby and I didn’t get sick. Hopefully we wont get sick before the Holiday! This is the first year that we...

Newest Baby

I realized that the baby is 3 months old today and I never posted it here in my blog. My 3rd boy came pretty much on time, and has added to the beautiful chaos that is my life. This cutie comes to the Market with me to help me vend, and chills out with...

This Baby Should Really Just Join the Family

I am getting closer to my due date now & feel like it could be any day now. I think that we are ready for a third child. I have done all I can do to get everything ready. I think my 2 kids are just as excited as I am. We are all...