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I am Not as Strong as I appear. I enjoy weakness from time to time. We are a homeschooling, special needs family of 6. My 4th son has a Congenital Heart defect, and my oldest has ADHD. I am a survivor of Adultery and mental abuse. I learned that you never really know someone until you are strong enough to stand up and walk away. I love and protect my children, with everything I have. My life might seem unbelievable, but I couldn't make this shit up if I tried! Stick around & let's get to know each other.

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Feeding The Nut House

How I feed my Large Family on a small budget.

I am Spoiled by Homemade Granola

This is so good it could put Granola companies out of business! Instead of starting my own Granola business and making a fortune overnight, I am sharing it with you so that you too can have the best Granola recipe Evah!! Cuz I’m nice like that 😉 So what are you waiting for, head...
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Mixing up Something in The Kitchen

I have not been very good about getting photos for my recipe site lately. If you are good at imagining how good things taste, just by looking at the recipe, I bet you would love to check out my latest post over on my recipe pages, Feeding The Nut House, it’s More Than Just...
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The Amazing Nut House Fruity Yogurt With Cereal

My mother has always picked on me because I can’t just eat something simple, I always have to embellish it. Sure yogurt with fruit in it is good, but add a few extras and it is To Die For! This is so yummy that I eat it for breakfast or lunch and it makes...
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The Best Homemade Granola

A neighbor introduced me to homemade Granola years ago, and at that time I thought it was the most brilliant thing ever. OK, not the most brilliant thing ever, but very close to being one of the best things that I learned to make that I should have learned decades ago. Since making my...
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Samples, Coupons, Dinner and an Exciting Trip

Not too exciting around The Nut House today. Catching up with homeschool, laundry and other tedious housework. I did get to open up some free samples that came in the mail with a couple of coupons. You can see my samples over at my frugal living blog I’m Not Cheap, I’m Frugal. I have...
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Awesome Spiral Snack

My kids love fun food, and I love making fun designs with their food. All it needs is fresh strawberries and raspberries and it would be perfect! Oh, and maybe some grapes. Just a few more months and we can pick our black raspberries and add those to the mix too. Yum! It has...
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Steel Cut Oats in The Crock Pot

I love steel cut oats, but when I make oatmeal, I don’t want to have to stand around for 30 minutes cooking a bowl of hot cereal. So I make my steel cut oats overnight in the crock pot. One thing I learned the very first time cooking the steel cut oats in the...
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Happy Valentines Day from The Nut House & CHD Awareness Day 2010

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Hot Spiced Citrus Apple Cider

One of my favorite things about fall and winter is Hot Cider. Many times I just grab a cup and heat up the cider in the microwave, but special occasions call for something a bit more, well, special. We go through the most amount of cider between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hot Cider simmering on...
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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

For years, when I roasted pumpkin seeds, I took them out of the pumpkin, washed them, added a sprinkle of salt and tossed them in the oven. They were good, but they were never great. Last year for Thanksgiving I tried, for the first time to brine my turkey, soaking it in salt overnight....
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Slow Cooker Turkey Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

Once the weather starts to cool off, we start to eat a lot more pasta with red sauce. One of the great things about this is that it is so quick and easy to make a simple red sauce and a pot of pasta, but if we want meatballs, that takes a bit more...
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Easy Peasy 15 Minute Chicken Pot Pie

I love love love cooking from scratch, especially my Deep Dish Chicken Pot Pie, but sometimes there is just not time to prepare and bake it…even though it is soooo easy. If I have coupons and can find convenience foods on sale, I stock up on them for days when I need dinner on...
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Organizing My Week: 5 Kids, Homeschooling, Public Schooling & Preschool

At this time, I have one public school Nut, one Homeschooled Nut and one Little Nut Nut in Preschool. They all have different schedules, which can get hectic and overwhelming. They all start their day the same way though, bright and early, first thing in the morning. When I first came up with this...
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